Most recent site update: 8 July 2018 -- Final program and abstract book (with post-deadline abstracts) online

CPLT 2018

Laramie, Wyoming (USA)

July 8-13, 2018

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Chemistry and Physics at Low Temperatures (CPLT) is an international interdiscplinary conference that brings together chemists and physicists interested in low temperature systems. CPLT 2018 invites oral and poster contributions in these broad topical areas:

CPLT 2018 organizers

David Anderson (University of Wyoming) is the chair of CPLT 2018. Robert Hinde (University of Tennessee) is CPLT 2018's co-chair.

Invited speakers

Confirmed invited speakers for CPLT 2018 include:

Conference timetable and abstract book

A copy of the CPLT 2018 conference timetable is now available online. (Last updated 7 July 2018)

A copy of the CPLT 2018 abstract book is now available online. (Last updated 8 July 2018 with post-deadline abstracts)

Weather forecast

As of 5 July 2018, the weather during CPLT 2018 is expected to be warm and sunny during the day, with daytime temperatures between 28 and 31 degrees Centigrade. Evening temperatures during CPLT 2018 should be around 12 degrees Centigrade. There is a chance of occasional rain on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

To view the most recent 10-day weather forecast for Laramie, visit

Laramie is at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level; remember that at these altitudes, the air is thin and the daytime sun can be very strong.


The online registration form and credit card payment form can be accessed through the web page of the University of Wyoming Department of Chemistry. You can also access these forms directly through these links:


Credit card payment:

The conference registration fee is US $360.


Conference history and international scientific committee

The CPLT conference series resulted from the merger of two long-standing international conferences: the Gordon Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of Matrix-Isolated Species, which began in 1983, and the International Conference on Low Temperature Chemistry, which began in 1994.

The first united CPLT conference was organized by Mika Pettersson and Jan Lundell and took place in 2013 in Jyväskylä, Finland. CPLT 2014 was organized by Vladimir Feldman and Tatyana Shabatina and took place in Suzdal, Russia. At the 2014 CPLT conference, the international scientific committee decided to hold CPLT conferences every two years. CPLT 2016 was organized by Joëlle Mascetti, Claudine Crépin, and Stéphane Coussan and took place in Biarritz, France.

Members of the CPLT international scientific committee for the 2016-2018 biennium are: